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Tony Evers requests a reconsideration of congressional maps by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

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Wisconsin Democratic Governor Tony Evers has made a major request: he wants the state Supreme Court to reexamine Wisconsin’s congressional redistricting. This appeal comes after changes to legislative borders meant to reduce the dominance of Republicans in the state Legislature.

Evers recently adopted new maps intended to give Democrats a competitive advantage in both chambers of the state Legislature for the first time in more than a decade, and his request for a review of the congressional lines falls on the same timeline.

A well-known Democratic law firm, The Elias Law Group, moved the Wisconsin Supreme Court last month to reconsider the congressional borders before to the 2024 election. They contend that modifications are necessary, especially in light of the court’s indication last year that it would no longer follow the conventional “least-change” methodology when addressing the legislative map dispute.

Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Anthony D. Russomanno wrote to the state Supreme Court clerk in response to Evers’s request, emphasizing the Governor’s willingness to participate in any further hearings.

The congressional map investigation is becoming more urgent as Democrats face a tight deadline to complete new maps before the November election. The Wisconsin Elections Commission has emphasized that in order to have an effective influence on the 2024 elections, any changes must be put into place by March 15.

Evers drew up the lines of the current congressional district, which the state Supreme Court eventually approved. The U.S. Supreme Court did not change the congressional boundaries even though it invalidated the state’s legislative designs in 2022.

Democrats contend that the previous congressional map, drawn by Evers, was based on antiquated rules and want a new strategy. Leading the move for reconsideration, Marc Elias requests that all pertinent stakeholders participate in submitting updated maps.

In a tweet, Governor Evers reaffirmed his dedication to equitable representation and emphasized the need to do away with gerrymandering in all contexts, including congressional districts.

There are currently just two competitive congressional districts in Wisconsin. Six of the state’s eight House seats are held by Republicans, while Democrats firmly hold the 2nd and 4th Districts.

Strong opinions have been expressed on both sides of the political aisle over the current dispute over congressional maps. Republicans have expressed worry about possible biases due to relationships between the Elias Law Group and Justice Janet Protasiewicz.

Republican lawmakers have attacked Evers’ effort, calling it a partisan attempt to centralize power. The governor has called for a review of maps that he personally drew.

The ongoing legal and political disputes cast doubt on the future of Wisconsin’s congressional districts, underscoring the political landscape-shaping power of redistricting.

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