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Three people are hurt after a hot air balloon crashes onto Indiana power lines.

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Three people were injured in a hot air balloon crash that happened over the weekend in northwest Indiana; the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is looking into the incident. The event happened on Sunday shortly before 7 p.m. in an unincorporated region east of Lowell, and it was caught on camera by a bystander.

The mail was still attached to the basket when the hot air balloon was found in a field, according to Lowell Fire Department authorities. There were three injured people in the basket. Debbie Wajvoda, a bystander, caught the moment the balloon struck electrical lines and generated a blue flash on camera.

In the footage, Wajvoda said, “I think they’re in trouble,” right before the balloon collided with the electrical wires. “I noticed a spark, and it’s striking electrical wires. The basket appears to be maybe empty.

“Where’s the person that was in the balloon?” Wajvoda said while the balloon was still in the air in the video.

According to fire officials, those within the basket suffered severe burns as a result of the electrical current from the power wires transferring to it. The balloon pilot was taken to a medical center by land ambulance, while two of the injured were airlifted to hospitals for treatment.

Teri Campbell, 53, was one among the passengers; her daughter Morgan spoke with ABC 7 Chicago and stated that her mother was alert, talking, and walking. “She’s definitely surprised and… we all know it could’ve been so much worse,” Morgan stated.

Prior to the FAA taking over the investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), local fire departments, and sheriff’s deputies went to the collision scene. The inquiry into the crash’s cause is still ongoing.

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