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Three Imprisoned for the Brutal Murder of a Helpless Nuneaton Father

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In a startling turn of events, three heartless people have been given lengthy prison sentences for the brutal murder of a defenseless father in Nuneaton. Mark Hoverd, 57, was brutally beaten in his own apartment, where he died from his wounds. His attackers also stole his bank cards while he was in critical condition.

On September 3,
Warwickshire Police were called to the scene and Hoverd was taken to the hospital suffering from serious injuries, one of which was a critical head wound. Later that day, Hoverd unfortunately passed away from his injuries in spite of medical attention.

After a thorough CCTV analysis showed that the culprits, Stuart Grant, Aleksandrs Gudkovs, and Francis Olner, were involved in the vicious attack and subsequent theft of Hoverd’s bank cards, they were quickly named as suspects.

After a lengthy three-week trial at Coventry Crown Court, the three defendants were charged with various counts of fraud, murder, manslaughter, and conspiring to commit robbery. Gudkovs and Grant were found guilty of manslaughter, but Olner was found guilty of murder. In addition, all three admitted to the accusations of fraud and were found guilty of conspiring to rob.

Olner was sentenced on March 27 to life in prison with a minimum of 28 years for murder. Concurrent sentences were also given for counts of fraud and conspiracy to rob.

Gudkovs and Grant received concurrent sentences of fifteen and a half years in prison for manslaughter and counts of conspiracy to rob and fraud.

Detective Chief Inspector Collette O’Keefe, Senior Investigating Officer, expressed her delight with the verdict and denounced the needless brutality committed to Hoverd. She highlighted the terrible effect on Hoverd’s family and praised the detectives’ work as well as the witnesses’ contributions, which were important in bringing the victim’s case to justice.

The community considers the terrible loss of a cherished father and the necessity of justice triumphing in the face of such horrible atrocities as the offenders start their lengthy terms.

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