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The “Zombie” Substance Xylazine Is Found in UK Cannabis THC Vapes

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Following the discovery that certain THC vapes that were seized contained the hazardous chemical xylazine, UK authorities have issued a warning. Xylazine, sometimes referred to as the “zombie” medicine, is a sedative that is mostly used to sedate large animals, such as horses and cows, although it can be fatal to humans as well.

Experts warn that consumers of THC vapes run serious health risks from the illegal addition of xylazine. Concern has been expressed over this discovery, particularly since many customers believe vaping to be generally safe. The presence of xylazine puts users of cannabis vape pens as well as injectable or highly potent drug users at risk.

Xylazine is typically seen in the black market combined with potent opiates like fentanyl or heroin. Its inclusion in THC vapes, however, is a worrying development. Xylazine has already been implicated in at least one fatality in the UK, raising concerns about possible rising abuse of the drug that would follow US tendencies.

New illegal xylazine goods are appearing, according to Dr. Caroline Copeland and her colleagues at King’s College London. These items include tablets that look like codeine or diazepam (Valium), but actually contain the harmful drug. Though the proportion of xylazine-containing products confiscated in comparison to the market as a whole is tiny, experts stress the gravity of the situation.

In the UK, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs has proposed that xylazine be classified as a Class C drug, which would put it in the same category as anabolic steroids and laughing gas. Legal repercussions for distribution and possession would accompany this designation.

When xylazine is used with other sedatives, the health concerns are compounded and can result in respiratory distress, dangerously low blood pressure, decreased heart rate, wound infections, addiction, severe withdrawal symptoms, and even death. The precise degree of injury resulting from xylazine inhalation is still unknown, though.

The UK government promises to act in response to these discoveries in order to safeguard the public from the dangers posed by xylazine and other illegal synthetic substances. They want to show their dedication to public safety in the face of changing obstacles in the illegal drug market by implementing the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs’ recommendations and classifying xylazine as a Class C substance.

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