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The US is concerned about Russia’s nuclear threat in space.

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Congress and European allies have received a severe warning from the United States about Russia’s nuclear capabilities, which might pose a serious threat to global security. A person briefed on the subject claims that the new information relates to Russian plans to develop space-based weapons.

The head of the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Mike Turner, made a cryptic statement highlighting the gravity of the national security concern even though the capabilities do not now represent an immediate threat to the United States.

The White House’s “trick” was denied by Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, while Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov called allegations of space-based nuclear weapons a “malicious fabrication.”

According to reports, Russia is reportedly pursuing a nuclear weapon designed to thwart satellites from space; however, officials explain that the weapon is not now in orbit.

The warning coincides with ongoing discussions in Congress about US foreign policy, where some support a more isolationist stance, while others, linked with former President Donald Trump, want for increased global involvement to fight threats from Russia and other rivals.

The Biden administration has blamed House Republicans for possibly blocking a $95 billion aid package meant to bolster Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine as tensions increase. Supporters contend that defending Ukraine is essential to fending off larger Russian threats.

The public was reassured by House Speaker Mike Johnson, who said that there is no need for concern and that action is being made to remedy the matter.

Senators Mark Warner and Marco Rubio of the Senate Intelligence Committee reaffirmed the rigor with which their panel is pursuing the topic and underlined how serious it is.

Officials advise remaining cool in spite of the seriousness of the situation, stressing that although the threat is substantial, there is no need to panic.

To go over the intelligence in more detail, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has scheduled a briefing with congressional leaders. He did not, however, go into detail at this time, citing the need for more conversation and analysis of the circumstances.

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