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The Oldest Lipstick in the World Is 5,000 Years Old

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Scientists have made a remarkable discovery: they have discovered the world’s oldest lipstick, which dates back 5,000 years to ancient Iran. The lipstick was a rich red color and was found in a stone vial that was discovered near the Halil River in Kerman Province, close to a graveyard from the third millennium BC.

This ancient cosmetic was probably applied with a brush, unlike current lipsticks, which are usually applied straight from the tube. Analysis of the lipstick’s contents showed that it contained waxes, vegetable oils, and hematite, which gave it a deep red color reminiscent of modern lip cosmetics.

Among the academics involved in the examination was Massimo Vidale, an archaeology professor at the University of Padua in Italy. He expressed curiosity at the thought of this lipstick being used by prominent women of ancient Iran.

The finding throws new light on Bronze Age beauty practices and social mores, indicating that cosmetics was worn by the rising elites as a status and luxury symbol. It also emphasizes how important makeup is in creating public perceptions of what makes women attractive in periods of fast societal change.

Although contemporary Iran views cosmetic decoration differently, the discovery emphasizes the universal human need for beauty and self-expression across time.

Notwithstanding the importance of this discovery, scientists are still wary since they believe that previous findings may resurface in the future. Still, this antiquated lipstick offers a fascinating window into the lives of ladies from ages ago, prompting us to wonder what their beauty regimens were like.

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