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The Next Update from Samsung May Have a Feature You’ll Probably Never Use

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Although Samsung is always coming up with new ideas and features for their devices, you might not know what the most recent speculated upgrade is all about. Recent rumors suggest that Samsung may soon enable users to double-tap the back of their phone, even while the screen is off, to check the time.

Rumor Mill: A Time-Tap Double-Take

Tipster Tarun Vats discovered this fascinating development on X (previously known as Twitter). It is anticipated that the upgrade will be a feature of Samsung’s Good Lock app’s RegiStar module. Good Lock is a set of customization options that allows owners of Galaxy phones to adjust several parts of the device’s user interface. With the One UI 5, which is based on Android 13, the RegiStar module was first launched. It already enables users to program actions such as double-tapping the device’s back to take a screenshot.

But in order to use the present capability, the phone’s display must be on. The new version seeks to fix that and is probably going to ship with One UI 6.1.1. The future Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 are anticipated to include this functionality, which would allow users to double-tap their phone’s back to check the clock even while the screen is off.

What Is Currently Know

Smartphones are not the only gadgets with this functionality; other devices and applications have it as well. However, Samsung appears to have taken a different approach because it may be the first to enable this feature even while the screen is off. This may be especially helpful when the phone is on a flat surface or in strong sunshine, for example, when it’s difficult to read the display.

Only Samsung’s next-generation foldable devices, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6, will be available during the initial deployment. With the introduction of One UI 7, which is anticipated to be based on Android 15, there is talk that this capability may ultimately be accessible on additional Galaxy devices.

The Question of Practicality

Although the double-tap to verify time function seems intriguing, its usefulness is questionable. An always-on display (AOD), which enables users to quickly view the clock and other messages without touching the device, is already present in a lot of Samsung smartphones. Furthermore, alternative techniques, such as tapping once or elevating the phone, are as successful in achieving the same goal.

This begs the question: Are consumers actually in need of an additional means of checking the time? Although it appears to provide another level of interaction, the new double-tap function may not really improve the user experience. Rather, it may become one of those things that people use a couple of times out of curiosity before forgetting about.

Still, a Cool Upgrade

The double-tap-to-check-time function is nevertheless a neat addition to the RegiStar module, even with its use called into doubt. It demonstrates Samsung’s dedication to provide consumers with more ways to engage with their gadgets—even when the screen is off. This could be a sign of more sophisticated gestures and features in upcoming releases.

In order to prevent unintentional triggers, it’s also important to note that Samsung will probably make sure that other back-tap functions are off when the screen is off. This is important since it would stop people from inadvertently turning on other features while attempting to check the time.

Gazing Forward

While we wait for this feature’s formal announcement and release, it’s evident that Samsung is eager to expand the possibilities for smartphone interactions. It’s unclear if this specific feature will be popular or not. It does, however, broaden the range of choices that consumers have to personalize their experience.

The ability to double-tap to check the time is now limited to the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6, however it could eventually be added to other smartphones. This update may be something to look forward to if you appreciate personalizing your device and are a fan of Samsung’s Good Lock software.

The intriguing development that demonstrates Samsung’s continuous attempts to innovate and improve user engagement with their handsets is the suspected double-tap-to-check-time function. Even if it may not be as useful as other solutions like always-on displays, it is still a step in the right direction toward making smartphones more user-friendly and adaptable. Like with many new features, time will tell if this one becomes a curiosity that is rarely used or a mainstay.

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