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The indictment of a Burnsville woman empowers prosecutors under a new federal law.

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Significantly, federal prosecutors have claimed that a recent amendment to federal law has given them the authority to charge a Burnsville woman. Ashley Dyrdahl made an appearance in federal court today, where she was charged with several offenses, including as conspiracy and straw purchasing weapons. She made a not guilty plea.

United States Attorney Andrew Luger claims that Dyrdahl bought weapons and gave them to Shannon Gooden, a violent felon, who then used them to shoot three first responders to death.

Two semi-automatic AR-15-style guns that Dyrdahl obtained and used in the February incident are detailed in the indictment. The prosecution focuses on text conversations that show Dyrdahl and Gooden knew their acts were against the law.

The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, a recent bipartisan initiative, was employed by prosecutors to file charges against Dyrdahl. This statute created the straw purchase offense, enabling law enforcement to prosecute anyone who intentionally provide weapons to someone who are not authorized. To further provide a stronger deterrent against such behavior, the Act has increased the maximum penalty to 15 years.

Luger stated, “We’re grateful for the existence of this statute,” highlighting the law’s importance in empowering prosecutors to successfully pursue justice.

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