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The Impact of Vloggers on Society: A Deep Dive

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The Influence of Modern Vloggers on Today’s Youth

In recent times, many YouTubers, vloggers, and influencers have capitalized on the financial aspirations of the masses by mocking the common people. While they satisfy their hunger for wealth, their audience, who is impressed by their videos, often falls into a cycle of inferiority. This phenomenon leads to an unhealthy obsession with wealth and luxury, causing young viewers to pressure their parents for expensive items they can’t afford, such as dining at high-end restaurants, shopping for branded goods, and desiring luxurious cars showcased in these influencers’ videos.

Prominent examples like “Gifting a 10-20 million car to their wife,” “Going on trips abroad as a surprise anniversary present,” or “Gifting expensive mobile phones and PlayStations to their husband and kids” are prevalent among Pakistani and Indian YouTubers. These displays create unrealistic expectations and desires among viewers from lower and middle-class backgrounds, especially young girls. These girls often aspire to such lifestyles and sometimes secretly form relationships with upper-middle-class boys, which usually end in disappointment.

Influenced by YouTubers, vloggers, and even television dramas, these young girls begin to idealize such figures as potential life partners. However, in reality, they often end up in modest marriages, burying their desires deep within. Some girls accept this reality as God’s will and strive to build a happy life, while others, dissatisfied with not achieving their dreams of an affluent lifestyle, create conflicts in their marriages, leading to broken homes.

The Ethical Dilemma of Food and Lifestyle Vloggers

Food vloggers sometimes accept money to promote substandard food as high-quality, and some influencers sell fake or outdated courses for views, likes, and financial gain, providing no real benefit to their followers. These unethical practices undermine the trust viewers place in their favorite content creators, leading to widespread skepticism and disappointment.

The Consequences of Unrealistic Expectations

The impact of these influencers extends beyond material desires. Continuous exposure to a glamorous lifestyle can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem among young viewers. They may start believing that their worth is tied to their ability to afford luxury items and experiences, which can result in mental health issues like anxiety and depression. The pressure to conform to these unattainable standards can also strain family relationships, as parents struggle to meet their children’s escalating demands.

A Positive Note: Not All Influencers Are the Same

It’s important to note that not all YouTubers, vloggers, and influencers engage in such practices. Many create content for a good cause, showcasing positive aspects of society and inspiring change. These ethical influencers focus on promoting education, mental health awareness, environmental sustainability, and other noble causes. They use their platforms to spread positivity, encourage responsible behavior, and support their followers meaningfully.

In conclusion, while the rise of social media influencers has brought about significant changes in society, it’s crucial for viewers to critically evaluate the content they consume. By recognizing the difference between genuine and manipulative content, audiences can protect themselves from the negative impacts of unrealistic expectations and appreciate the positive contributions of responsible influencers.

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