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The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore has its victims identified.

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Six construction workers from Mexico and several Central American countries have been identified as the victims of the catastrophic Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore. When a cargo ship impacted the span early on Tuesday morning, it collapsed, causing a terrible disaster.

The laborers, who worked for Brawner Builders, were performing routine maintenance on the middle span of the bridge when the collapse occurred. Sadly, it appears that they have passed away. The victims had ties to the Dundalk and Highlandtown areas and were from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, according to reporting from The Baltimore Banner.

The guys, who were in their 30s and 40s, were described by the Baltimore Banner as having families, having left behind spouses and kids. They were regarded as devoted and modest people who meant a great deal to their families and communities.

Miguel Luna, an El Salvadorian, has been identified as one of the victims and has been acknowledged by the group CASA. Luna, a married man with three children, has lived in Maryland for almost twenty years.

Additionally, Antonio García, the deputy minister of foreign affairs for Honduras and a family friend of Maynor Yassir Suazo Sandoval, verified that Suazo was gone. The presence of Mexican nationals among the victims was also confirmed by the Mexican Embassy in Washington.

Following the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, which was caused by a collision with a power-less cargo ship, people and vehicles fell into the Patapsco River. Even though two employees were saved from the ocean, the six missing people’s awful fate has not changed.

Executive vice president of Brawner Builders Jeffrey Pritzker expressed sadness at the unanticipated tragedy and emphasized the company’s dedication to safety protocols. The sudden collapse has left the town reeling and in sadness over the loss of these valued professionals, despite extensive safeguards being taken.

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