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The choice of USA Basketball’s Olympic roster ignites a discussion about priorities.

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Discussions have been sparked by the revelation of the US Olympic women’s basketball team roster for 2024, particularly in light of emerging talent Caitlin Clark’s exclusion. Although many anticipated Clark’s participation, the selection committee’s choice has sparked debate over USA Basketball’s objectives and the selection process itself.

The Connecticut Sun president and leader of the selection committee, Jen Rizzotti, justified the choice by highlighting the importance of putting head coach Cheryl Reeve’s priority first when building a squad. Rizzotti emphasized that rather than taking marketing considerations into account, the committee’s top focus was assessing players based on their potential influence on the court.

“It would be irresponsible for us to talk about [Clark] in a way other than how she would impact the play of the team,” Rizzotti said.

Even though Clark was a rookie and had never traveled abroad, she had a favorable response to the news and stated that she hoped to compete in the Olympics someday.

ESPN broadcasters Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe, meanwhile, were quite critical of the choice, claiming that USA Basketball was missing out on a chance to promote the WNBA by leaving out Clark.

Smith, calling it “The Idiocy of Team USA Women’s Basketball,” was appalled by the choice, and Sharpe questioned the organization’s dedication to advancing the sport.

Although it’s admirable to promote the WNBA, USA Basketball’s main goal is to have the best team possible for international competitions—not to sell the league. It’s critical to realize that USA Basketball runs separately from the WNBA and is only concerned with becoming successful internationally.

Although Smith and Sharpe’s enthusiasm for promoting women’s basketball is clear, their critique ignores USA Basketball’s core purpose. The company wants to use the greatest talent available, whether it comes from the WNBA or anywhere else, to win medals and titles.

Debate surrounds Clark’s exclusion from the Olympic squad, but it highlights how difficult it is to choose a team when on-court play and fit are more important than promotional factors. USA Basketball is unwavering in its dedication to quality, making certain that each player selected adds to the team’s accomplishments on the global arena.

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