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The CEO of American Airlines calls the incident “unacceptable” and condemns the removal of Black passengers.

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DALLAS (AP) — After an incident in which many Black customers were removed off an aircraft in Phoenix, American Airlines has placed numerous personnel on leave. CEO Robert Isom has called the removal—which was purportedly sparked by a body odor complaint—”unacceptable.”

Isom stated, “I am incredibly disappointed by what happened on that flight and the breakdown of our procedures,” in a note to workers, expressing her great dissatisfaction over the incident. It goes against what we stand for. In this instance, we disappointed our clients and broke our promises.

Three Black passengers, who claim they were removed from the January aircraft due to racial discrimination, have filed a lawsuit in response to the event. The lawsuit states that a white male flight attendant had voiced concerns over the body odor of an unnamed passenger. Eight Black passengers, including the three guys who were seated apart and did not know each other, were requested to get off the aircraft.

Following a disagreement on the jet bridge, at least one passenger captured an airline employee seeming to admit that the incident was racist. Following a one-hour wait, the passengers were permitted to board the aircraft once more.

The quantity and job titles of the workers on leave have not been made public by American Airlines. “We are holding those involved accountable, including removing team members from service,” a spokesman affirmed.

Following the event, Isom declared that an advisory council will be formed to discuss Black customers’ perspectives, increase reporting of discriminatory practices, and strengthen diversity training. In order to properly handle real-world situations and combat bias and discrimination, he underlined the importance of training.

Isom also talked about his conversation about the event with the head of the NAACP. The civil rights group has not yet made any public remarks.

There have been previous claims of racial discrimination against American Airlines. A travel advice alerting Black travelers to possible prejudice on American Airlines flights was released by the NAACP in 2017. when almost nine months, the advice was removed when the airline promised to make adjustments.

Important Information: 

  • American Airlines puts staff on leave after removing Black customers.
  • Robert Isom, the CEO, labels the event as “unacceptable” and a betrayal of the airline’s core principles.
  • Racial prejudice, according to a complaint, was the cause of the deportation.
  • A working committee will be established to enhance Black customers’ experiences.
  • The NAACP has previously accused American Airlines of discrimination.

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