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“Talent only goes so far.” Following their MLB debuts in the previous season, these four rookie starters are determined to improve in 2024.

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In the world of professional baseball, making it to the major leagues is frequently seen as the pinnacle of success. However, the difficulty for those who have experienced success is not only getting to the top but maintaining that position. Particularly for inexperienced pitchers adjusting to the demands of a big-league rotation, this feeling is accurate. Cole Ragans, Bryce Miller, Tanner Bibee, and Jordan Wicks are already planning ways to get better in 2024 as they consider their standout efforts from the previous year.

Cole Ragans: Streamlining Guidance to Maintain Achievement

Cole Ragans’ path to achievement was characterized by tenacity and willpower. Following his move to the Kansas City Royals, Ragans became a formidable force despite setbacks, including two Tommy John operations. His move from a bullpen position to a starting one demonstrated his improved repertoire and newly discovered velocity. Ragans understands that he needs to get better at command, though, because maintaining control over the striking zone is essential for long-term success. Ragans hopes to improve on his stellar season-ending performance by raising his first-pitch strike percentage.

Bryce Miller: Getting Overcoming Obstacles

After an early period of success in his transition from NCAA bullpen to MLB starter, Bryce Miller had to deal with predictable adjustments from opposing batters. Miller realized he had to adjust, so he started honing his pitch selection and added a splitter to counter left-handed hitters. Miller, who embraces the idea of constant progress, is aware that skill is insufficient for success in the top leagues. Miller wants to establish himself in the Seattle Mariners’ rotation by utilizing new pitches and honing his technique.

Tanner Bibee: Concentrating on Mechanics and Consistency

Tanner Bibee’s ability as a potent starter was demonstrated during his debut campaign with the Cleveland Guardians. Even with his amazing stats, Bibee is still dedicated to improving his mechanics and being more consistent when pitching. Recognizing the value of being in control and honing his delivery, Bibee aims to maximize opportunities and build on his accomplishments. With the support of seasoned colleagues and a fresh emphasis on honing his pitching toolkit, Bibee is ready for yet another significant year.

Jordan Wicks: Accepting Development and Adjustment

Jordan Wicks, the youngest among his classmates, is entering the new season with an eye toward development and adaptability. Wicks, despite his lack of MLB experience, recognizes the need to adapt in order to face the demands of top competition. Wicks hopes to establish himself in the Chicago Cubs’ rotation by honing his craft and broadening his pitch variety. Wicks is committed to improving himself and helping his team succeed, and he is embracing the advice of seasoned veterans and the assistance of his coaching staff.

The path of a rookie starting pitcher in Major League Baseball goes long beyond their early success. Cole Ragans, Bryce Miller, Tanner Bibee, and Jordan Wicks are examples of players that possess the tenacity and dedication needed to succeed at the highest level of baseball as they maneuver through the intricacies of the major leagues. With an emphasis on adaptability and ongoing development, these gifted pitchers are ready to establish themselves in the 2024 campaign and beyond.

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