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Taiwan’s Worst Earthquake in 25 Years Causes 50 Missing and 9 Dead

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The strongest earthquake to strike Taiwan in more than 25 years caused extensive damage and many fatalities. The 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck close to the Hualien county, causing large landslides and catastrophic structure tilts.

Casualties: Over 900 people were injured, and nine people have been officially pronounced dead. The tragic loss of fifty workers who were on their way to a hotel in a national park by minibuses has increased the urgency of rescue attempts.

Impact: Many already-weakened buildings collapsed as a result of the significant damage the earthquake inflicted to them. People who live there, like Linda Chen, express anxiety and panic because they think their houses might fall.

Rescue Operations: Authorities are searching for the missing people and evacuating those in dangerous locations as part of ongoing rescue operations. To reach the trapped survivors, volunteers and firefighters are devoting their lives to the task.

International Reaction: The White House extends support, and President-elect Lai Ching-te highlights the importance of rescue efforts. The quake’s impacts were also felt by neighboring nations like the Philippines and Japan, which prompted advisories and safety measures.

Infrastructure Damage: Tunnels, roads, and railroads were all impacted by the earthquake’s disruption of the transportation network. Additionally, chip production facilities—which are essential to the world’s supply chains for technology—were temporarily closed for safety reasons, according to reports from Taiwan’s air force regarding damage to fighter jets.

Aftermath: The difficulties in recovering are exacerbated by the ongoing aftershocks. Power has mostly been restored despite the disruptions, and attempts are being made to get everything back to normal.

The “Upper 6” magnitude of this earthquake serves as a clear reminder of Taiwan’s susceptibility to seismic activity and emphasizes the value of readiness and sturdy infrastructure in averting such catastrophes.

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