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Taipei Witnesses Protests After Chinese Coast Guard Incident

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Protests have broken out in Taipei in response to the recent incident involving the Chinese coast guard boarding a Taiwanese tourist boat close to Kinmen. On Monday, the King Xia, which was carrying 23 passengers and 11 crew members, was boarded for around 32 minutes, which infuriated the people of Taiwan.

Minister Kuan Bi-ling of the Ocean Affairs Council denounced the event, saying it “hurt the feelings of our people” and caused needless fear. While praising Taiwan’s efforts to reduce regional tensions, Premier Chen Chien-jen urged a solution that takes into account the interests of both parties.

The incident occurs as China steps up its military maneuvers in response to Taiwan electing a president who supports independence. China’s recent patrols near Kinmen have further heightened tensions, especially in light of the deaths of two Chinese fishermen in an altercation with the Taiwanese coast guard.

Conflicts over fishing rights and maritime territory result from Taiwan’s assertion of its sovereignty over Kinmen, a claim China rejects. Diplomatic efforts to resolve these problems are hampered by Beijing’s refusal to acknowledge Taiwan’s separate political identity.

The circumstances highlight the difficulties in preserving stability in the area and the continuous complexity of cross-strait relations. Taiwanese citizens’ growing fears about their security and sovereignty in the face of China’s assertiveness are reflected in the protests that have taken place in Taipei.

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