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Stonehaven Businesses Close Doors Ahead of Orange Order Arrival

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Scotland’s Stonehaven Ahead of the expected arrival of the Orange Order in Stonehaven, a number of businesses have closed today in a coordinated display of community solidarity. The ruling follows the local government’s rejection of preparations for an Orange Order March, which was supported by an appeal in Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

Number 44, Bucket and Spade, Villa Coffee Shop, Havens Treasure, Ma Simpsons, Lola’s Boutique, The Panini Shop, Cool Gourmet, Sofasoy, The Whisky Bothy, Far and Wide, Red Robin, LouSells Preloved Labels, Pinky Promise, Fountainhall Wines, My Beautiful Caravan, Waterfront Cafe, and Whisky Bothy are a few of the closed stores.

The considerable opposition to the Orange Order march in the Stonehaven community is reflected in the closure of these establishments. The community asked people to support local businesses at this time and avoid online buying in a message that was posted online.

Posting on the Stonehaven Chat Facebook page, Lynne Duncan voiced her satisfaction with the community’s position, saying, “Proud of Stoney closing down for the day and sending a clear message that this isn’t wanted up here.”

But even among those who supported the closures, there were complaints about the Orange Order’s use of the town hall for its operations. Tanya Morrison drew attention to what she saw as the council’s duplicity, while Gary Bennett attacked the decision to let the lodge setup and suggested that only the town hall should be shuttered.

David Souter expressed similar feelings when he said, “It’s unfortunate that the town hall cannot be closed.”

Businesses closing today shows how united the community is against the Orange Order’s presence in Stonehaven and highlights the value of community support and civic engagement in divisive issues.

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