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Spotify Launches Playlists Created by AI Using Text Prompts

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Spotify has introduced a beta feature called AI Playlist, which enables premium customers in the UK and Australia to create customized playlists using straightforward text prompts. This step is in line with the trend of AI integration in numerous sectors. With just a few descriptive phrases, this cutting-edge technology uses artificial intelligence to tailor to users’ musical interests.

Users may create playlists using the AI Playlist function by providing particular prompts that evoke the appropriate feeling or atmosphere they’re looking for in their music. To elicit a certain style or feeling, a user may type in something like “an indie folk playlist to give my brain a big warm hug”. After that, Spotify’s AI analyzes these requests and adjusts the music by adding aspects like animals, movie characters, colors, locations, activities, and emoticons.

Many different kinds of creative prompts are possible because to the AI Playlist feature’s versatility. Playlists for different settings, such as “relaxing music to tide me over during allergy season” or “sad music for painting dying flowers,” can be requested by users. Users are encouraged by Spotify to try out various combinations of adjectives in order to customize their playlist to best fit their own tastes and mood.

Spotify Premium users in the UK and Australia may use their iOS or Android smartphone to browse to their library in order to utilize this function. Through the “+” button, users may create their own playlists or pick from pre-existing ones by selecting “AI Playlist.” The prompt is entered, and Spotify’s AI quickly creates a personalized playlist. Before finishing the playlist, users may update and preview it, delete music, and provide feedback. After they’re pleased, users just need to click to save the playlist to their library.

With the release of AI Playlist, Spotify is expanding on its earlier AI technological innovations, such as the AI DJ function that was unveiled more than a year ago. The AI DJ creates customized music recommendations based on user feedback by utilizing the user’s listening history and preferences. This development demonstrates Spotify’s dedication to improving user experience with cutting-edge AI-driven features.

Spotify keeps enabling consumers to interact with music in more individualized and natural ways with AI Playlist. Spotify hopes to transform the playlist-making process by utilizing artificial intelligence to provide consumers with a personalized and easy-to-use method of finding and listening to music that suits their individual tastes and moods.

Spotify customers can anticipate an improved and more engaging music streaming experience, powered by AI-driven innovation, when this beta feature launches in a few areas.

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