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Shipwreck Hunters Discover a 1940s Vessel at Lake Superior’s Bottom

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A stunning find in the depths of Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world, stunned shipwreck hunters. The sunken remains of the 244-foot (74-meter) bulk carrier Arlington were discovered on Monday by the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society and renowned shipwreck researcher Dan Fountain. The remnants are located about 650 feet (200 meters) below the lake’s surface, about 35 miles north of Michigan’s Keweenaw peninsula.

The Arlington, loaded with wheat and sailing for Owen Sound, Ontario, on April 30, 1940, met a horrible end on Lake Superior amid thick fog and a violent storm. The crew endured a terrifying experience when the ship gave way under the dangerous circumstances, even though every attempt was made to steer clear of them.

The Arlington was captained by seasoned Great Lakes sailor Captain Frederick “Tatey Bug” Burke during its tragic voyage. Still, in the confusion of the storm, divergent decisions emerged; Burke’s decision to navigate the ship across the wide lake deviated from the first mate’s safer recommendation. In the end, this choice sealed the Arlington’s demise, and Captain Burke died with his sinking ship.

In addition to providing insight into a tragic period of nautical history, the Arlington’s discovery poses fascinating queries on the circumstances surrounding its demise.

The facts surrounding Captain Burke’s actions are still unknown, even after all this time, and historians and academics continue to wonder about the puzzling decisions taken in the last minutes of the ship.

Dan Fountain, a shipwreck researcher who played a key role in locating the Arlington’s last resting place, expressed optimism that the finding will provide Captain Burke’s family with closure while emphasizing the need of solving Lake Superior’s long-standing mysteries.

The discovery of the Arlington’s demise is a credit to the industrious work of shipwreck hunters and investigators, who never stop seeking out the mysteries buried deep beneath Lake Superior’s serene surface.

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