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See the Future: I Used the Magic Capsule feature on the Honor Magic 6 Pro to Move a Car with My Eyes

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Honor revealed a captivating feature on its newest flagship handset, the Honor Magic 6 Pro, in a ground-breaking demonstration at MWC 2024. This cutting-edge technology, dubbed “Magic Capsule,” is transforming the way we interact with our smartphones by enabling users to do so with just their eyes.

With Magic Capsule, this is no longer a problem when alerts appear on your phone while your hands are engaged. Magic Capsule lets users enlarge alerts by just staring at their phone screens, much to Apple’s Dynamic Island. The straightforward and smooth experience is intended to improve user involvement.

I got a chance to personally witness Magic Capsule’s full potential during the demonstration at MWC 2024. I could use only my eyes to start, stop, and even move an automobile that was represented on the screen with a few precise looks. I was astonished by the bizarre and thrilling experience.

Magic Capsule offers a window into smartphone technology to come; it’s more than simply a gimmick. It was very amazing how simple it was for me to operate my gadget without having to raise a finger. It’s crucial to remember that although controlling an automobile with your eyesight may seem like an amazing achievement, Magic Capsule isn’t designed for usage in this manner.

Magic Capsule’s primary goal is to improve accessibility and interactivity of the smartphone interface. This function provides unmatched convenience, whether you’re preoccupied with a task or just prefer a hands-free approach. The options are numerous, ranging from browsing applications to extending alerts.

Honor has said that Magic Capsule would be released for the Magic 6 Pro in a later update, despite the fact that it is not currently available at launch. The brand supports both contact lenses and spectacles, and is committed to making sure that it is compatible with a worldwide audience.

Magic Capsule’s privacy characteristics are among its most fascinating features. Unlike conventional biometric systems, Magic Capsule doesn’t rely on information from cameras. Rather, it makes use of a ToF sensor to identify eye movements, guaranteeing discrete and safe contact.

One thing is certain as we impatiently anticipate Magic Capsule’s formal launch: the future of smartphone technology is really fascinating. With its cutting-edge features and user-friendly layout, the Honor Magic 6 Pro is poised to completely change how we engage with technology. Prepare to see how smartphone technology will advance going forward—Magic Capsule is only the start.

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