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Sam’s Club Introduces a Dashboard for Advertisers to Track Media and Sales Performance

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The Media and Sales Performance Dashboard was released by Sam’s Club, a division of Walmart Inc., marking a significant step towards improving the transparency and efficacy of advertising. With the use of this integrated dashboard, advertisers should be able to have a thorough understanding of how their campaigns are affecting the Sam’s Club Member Access Platform (MAP).

With the integration of Sam’s Club sales success and MAP campaign analytics for the first time, the Media and Sales success Dashboard helps marketers effectively monitor the influence of media on business outcomes. With a single interface, this integrated self-service innovation combines sales performance indicators for both Display and Sponsored Product Ads.

Advertisers and retailers of Sam’s Club already use the point-of-sale system, MADRID, to track sales, and the dashboard interfaces with it effortlessly. Advertisers and MAP users will have a consistent and efficient experience thanks to this connection.

Sam’s Club MAP Vice President and General Manager Lex Josephs stressed the value of data in improving marketing campaigns. He said, “It is the latest in an ongoing stream of continuous innovations we’re providing to deliver faster, more actionable insights.”

The insight into item sales, new buyers, in-club attribution from search, total ad attributed sales, and more are some of the key aspects of the Media and Sales Performance Dashboard. As a result, marketers are able to optimize campaigns in real time and get better commercial results.

In addition, the dashboard offers new buyer metrics for Sponsored Product Ads, household reach, and purchase channel, among other deeper member insights. This gives advertisers the ability to send Sam’s Club members more relevant advertisements and information.

The Clorox Company’s Director of Sales, Lindsay Letterle, emphasized the value of these insights in campaign optimization to successfully achieve business outcomes.

Furthermore, Sam’s Club MAP sets itself apart by providing incrementality metrics in post-campaign reporting, such as iROAS and sales lift, which are based on Circana’s methodology. Advertisers feel more confident as a result of this independent validation, which empowers them to make wise optimization choices.

In the upcoming months, Sam’s Club MAP hopes to onboard additional partners. The company is thrilled to present the Media and Sales Performance Dashboard to a limited number of advertising partners.

Interested parties can reach out to Sam’s Club MAP directly for additional details regarding the new integrated dashboard.

About Sam’s Club: Sam’s Club, a division of Walmart Inc., is a well-known membership warehouse club that serves millions of customers in approximately 600 clubs across the United States and Puerto Rico with excellent products, discounts, and services. The company’s carefully chosen selection of premium fresh food and Member’s Mark products, coupled with its cutting-edge technologies and services, are what continue to reinvent warehouse shopping.

About Sam’s Club Member Access Platform: Sam’s Club Member Access Platform (MAP) is committed to giving members a useful and enriching advertising experience. By putting the needs of its members first, MAP provides partners with opportunities, resources, and experiences that make it easier and more convenient for members to find new products.

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