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Rumors About Windows 11 24H2: Phone Link, Sudo Support, Release Date, and More

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In the middle of the hype around Windows 12, Microsoft has revealed Windows 11 24H2, which is this year’s yearly feature update and might be a sneak peek at the much anticipated Windows 12. This version, which promises to completely transform the Windows experience, combines improved productivity tools, cutting-edge technologies, and AI integration. Let’s explore the speculations around Windows 11 24H2, including the range of expected features and the estimated release date.

Possible Date of Release

Although the exact release date is yet unknown, experts anticipate a late 2024 delivery. The Windows Insider program provides an early look for people who are keen to explore the possibilities, with the most recent release (release 26052) accessible for testing. Though estimates suggest a September deployment for current Windows 11 users and a possible June release for next-generation AI-powered PCs pre-loaded with the upgrade, mainstream customers may have to wait until the second half of 2024.

Help with Sudo

The addition of Sudo capabilities, a mainstay in the Linux world, is one of the significant new features in Windows 11 24H2. With three different modes—new window, input disabled, and inline configurations—Sudo on Windows will provide users elevated powers similar to administrator access while still offering flexibility. While Sudo is initially inactive by default, users may easily enable it through Settings, but Microsoft advises users to exercise caution when it comes to potential security risks.

Enhanced Integration with Copilot

Windows 11 24H2’s improved Copilot integration is at its core, turning regular PCs into AI-powered workstations. Among the notable improvements are a more convenient location for the Copilot button and an easy-to-use help feature that appears when you copy text or a picture and provides options for explanation, modification, or summarizing. Although details about sophisticated features designed for the next generation of AI-powered PCs are yet unknown, Copilot has the ability to completely transform user interface.

Hearing Aid Accessibility Support

Windows 11 24H2 expands support for hearing aids that use Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (LE Audio) technology, building on earlier accessibility initiatives. With more flexibility over audio presets, users can now modify ambient sound and volume levels directly from the Settings or Quick Settings UI, encouraging inclusion and customization based on personal tastes.

Snapshot Layouts

With Snap Layouts, seamless multitasking is enhanced by using machine learning to identify frequently used program setups and provide appropriate Snap Layouts when the user hovers over the maximize button. This simple upgrade simplifies workspace arrangement and provides customized configurations that match user preferences for increased productivity.

Cell Phone Link

Windows 11 24H2 provides improvements to the Phone Link program that allow PCs and smartphones to synchronize messages, notifications, and photo notifications, facilitating seamless interaction across devices. Additionally, consumers may utilize their phones as cameras on PCs, demonstrating Microsoft’s dedication to customer ease and cross-device compatibility.

Updates to File Explorer

Significant improvements have been made to the File Explorer app with version 24H2, including the ability to create compressed TAR and 7zip archive files in addition to ZIP files, which broadens the tool’s archiving capabilities. Users now have more control over file descriptions, keywords, and ratings in the properties dialog box by being able to examine and change PNG file metadata.

Energy Conserver

In response to concerns about energy conservation, Windows 11 24H2 offers an Energy Saver mode that maximizes system performance while lowering power usage, making it especially advantageous for laptops and desktops. Microsoft’s dedication to sustainability and extending device battery life is demonstrated by this feature.


As the hype around Windows 12 grows, Windows 11 24H2 appears to be a promising lead, however some users are skeptical of its AI-focused features. However, Windows 11 24H2 ushers in a new age of innovation and user-centric computing experiences with the arrival of on-device AI and the possibility for ground-breaking breakthroughs.

To sum up, Windows 11 24H2 is set to revolutionize the Windows ecosystem and open the door for future breakthroughs with its combination of AI-driven improvements, productivity tools, and seamless networking capabilities. An incredible Windows experience unlike anything else is anticipated as the release date draws near.

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