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Reducing Migration to the UK May Benefit the Economy Long-Term

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According to a recent analysis by the Growth Commission, reducing net migration in the UK may eventually make people’s annual income more than £1,100. According to the analysis, which is scheduled for publication this week, cutting annual net migration from 315,000 to 150,000 by 2028 would result in a 2.1% gain in GDP per capita by 2045, or an increase in prices of £1,157 per person year by 2023.

The committee ascribed the improvement in living standards to less pressure on the housing stock because increased migration often drives up rents and home prices, which reduces disposable income and purchasing power. Co-chairman of the Growth Commission Douglas McWilliams stressed the need for a more nuanced approach to the immigration debate, moving away from categorical claims and toward quantitative economic estimates.

Additionally, the study examined how different tax cuts may affect economic expansion. The results showed that lowering corporation tax or doing away with inheritance tax would have a greater positive impact than changing income tax. By 2044, for example, a reduction of £7.6 billion, or roughly 2p, in corporation tax may result in a 1.6% increase in GDP per capita.

The possibility for inheritance tax repeal to keep affluent taxpayers in the UK and promote employment by delaying early retirement was also emphasized. Although the wealthy who are subject to inheritance tax may benefit initially, long-term economic advantages may result in improved fiscal conditions and higher living standards for the majority of the population.

This study is conducted in advance of the March 6 Budget, when it is said that Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is more inclined to take action on national insurance or income tax than inheritance tax. The co-chairman of the commission, Shanker Singham, underlined the significance of carefully choosing tax cuts to optimize growth while preserving public coffers.

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