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Public Transport Unions Expect Translink’s “Lost-Ditch Attempt” to Prevent Three-Day Strike Next Week

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According to union sources, Translink is preparing for a last-ditch effort to avert the three-day strike that is set for next week.

Though Translink and union officials rejected a “lowball offer” of a 5% increase on Thursday, the public transportation provider is expected to present a revised proposal over the weekend.

The strike, which is scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, has raised concerns about its potential to disrupt bus and train services, as well as the potential economic impact on the retail and hotel sectors.

The CEO of Retail NI, Glyn Roberts, emphasizes the strike’s negative impact on the economy and calls on Translink executives and union leaders to step up negotiations to prevent it.

Similar comments are echoed by Hospitality Ulster, which acknowledges workers’ issues while expressing disappointment over the possibility of additional strikes.

Translink has insisted that the 5% offer was its “final offer,” but according to union sources, it was quickly turned down in the meeting. They claim that since talks are still in the early stages, they ought to be pursued before taking industrial action.

The unions, which include Unite, GMB, and SIPTU, are allegedly requesting a salary offer between 6.5% and 8% in order to end the protracted conflict that started in the fall.

Unions are ready to immediately declare more strike dates in order to put more pressure on Translink if the salary problem is not resolved.

Although Translink has acknowledged receiving formal notice of industrial action, it has maintained communication with its trade union colleagues and confirmed that services will continue as usual.

There are worries about the impending strike’s effects on several industries and the economy as a whole because it represents the longest stretch of uninterrupted strike action to date.

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