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Primary School in Greater Manchester was evacuated after a gas explosion rocked a nearby house.

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Due to a possible gas explosion at a neighboring property, a primary school in Greater Manchester was evacuated today. St Luke’s Church of England Primary School was evacuated in response to the event, which happened in the Fishpool neighborhood of Bury. Both staff and students fled the school for safety.

Residents were alarmed and concerned when the explosion happened a short distance from the school, according to local councillor Tamoor Tariq. Officials have verified that a seventy-year-old woman suffered severe injuries and was taken to the hospital right after.

Mr. Tariq assured the public that emergency services are actively reacting to the tragedy and described the tragic nature of the situation in a statement. Luckily, no fatalities have been reported. However, the property that was hit has sustained significant damage, and nearby properties have also sustained damage.

The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is now on the scene with many personnel trying to contain the incident. As a precaution, residents in the area are urged to keep their doors and windows closed.

Officials from Bury Council have asked the local community to stay inside as they work with emergency services to coordinate operations. To protect the public, a 200-meter perimeter has been put up around the impacted property and the houses nearby.

Meanwhile, the explosion caused damage to St. Luke’s Primary School and interrupted the flow of electricity. The school is anticipated to stay closed for the duration of the day; parents have been informed.

Even though the incident was severe, no additional injuries have been reported. Bury Football Club, which is nearby, has shown its support for the impacted parties by providing food and drink to anyone who has sought shelter after the incident.

Although the community comes together to help individuals affected by this regrettable incident, authorities are still looking into what caused the explosion.

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