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Potential to Overtake Apple as the Second-Most Valuable Company: Nvidia

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Nearing a historic milestone, Nvidia, the semiconductor behemoth known for powering cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies like ChatGPT, is poised to surpass Apple to become the second-most valuable business in the world. Wall Street has been rocked by this dramatic change in market dynamics, as investors swarm to celebrate Nvidia’s incredible rise.

Nvidia’s market capitalization has risen dramatically in only nine months, from $1 trillion to over $2 trillion, surpassing industry leaders like Saudi Aramco, Google parent Alphabet, and Nvidia is now quite near to the top of the corporate ladder, with its market value of around $2.38 trillion, behind only Apple’s by $230 billion and Microsoft’s by roughly $645 billion.

Thanks to its dominance in the high-end AI chip industry, Nvidia’s shares have continued to rise, pushing Wall Street to all-time highs and earning the firm a substantial 5% stake in the esteemed S&P 500 index. This quick ascent and the exponential expansion of Meta Platforms highlight investors’ voracious interest in AI-powered businesses.

Cherry Lane Investments partner Richard Meckler praises Nvidia’s recent gain, crediting it to the strong fundamentals supporting the company’s present business strategy. He also mentions the enthusiastic backing of long option purchasers, who have seen an unheard-of rise in 2024, which has fueled speculation even further.

On the other hand, Apple, which was struggling with a decline in iPhone sales, lost the title of most valuable American corporation to Microsoft in January, indicating a change in the dynamics of the industry. Nvidia’s supremacy in investor sentiment was further cemented in recent weeks when it overtook Tesla as Wall Street’s most traded company based on valuation.

Notwithstanding the excitement around Nvidia’s surge, some people are cautious and warn of possible difficulties. P/E ratio projections for the next 12 months are 36.6, which suggests a more cautious value than the year before, even with higher profit predictions. Aptus Capital Advisors portfolio manager David Wagner believes that Nvidia is the “cheapest” company in the “AI narrative” and predicts that the sector will grow above current estimates in the future.

Still, there are signs that Nvidia’s stock could be nearing its peak. The consensus target price set by Wall Street analysts suggests a valuation of $850 per share over the course of the next year, which is just less than the $926 closing price. Meckler is bullish while acknowledging the difficulties of maintaining such exponential growth for a mega-cap stock, if Nvidia can match or exceed the high expectations of analysts.

The rise of the semiconductor behemoth Nvidia, which is on the verge of overtaking Apple, represents a fundamental change in the computer industry as AI becomes the primary factor influencing company valuation. Even if there are a lot of unknowns ahead, Nvidia’s explosive growth highlights how innovation will continue to shape technology and finance in the years to come.

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