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Pilot from LATAM Momentarily Loses Control of Boeing 787 While in Midair

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A failing instrument on a LATAM Airlines flight from Australia to New Zealand is said to have caused the captain to lose control of the Boeing 787, resulting in a terrifying incident that left passengers terrified and injured.

According to reports, there was a violent dip in midair that threw passengers from their seats and injured about fifty individuals. Witnesses reported seeing people flung toward the plane’s ceiling and then back down in a chaotic scene.

One of the passengers, Brian Jokat, described waking up to the horrific scene, where people were “stuck to the roof” and then fell to the ground as the airplane quickly fell about 500 feet.

After the event, the pilot reported to the passengers that he had momentarily lost control of the aircraft because an instrument had malfunctioned, causing his gauges to briefly go blank. But soon after, the aircraft apparently reengaged to its regular flight pattern, and no more problems occurred.

Mr. Jokat’s photos showed that the ceiling of the aircraft had sustained damage from passengers striking it during the turbulence.

The Chilean Aeronautical Authority has opened an investigation into the event because the aircraft in question was registered there. The sudden mid-air dip has initially been attributed to a potential movement of the pilot’s seat in the cockpit. Authorities have made it clear that they are still looking into the incident’s cause and are taking into account suspected electrical shorts among other things.

LATAM Airlines has expressed sincere apologies for the occurrence, stressing that a “technical event” during the flight was the cause of it. Since the collision happened in international airspace, the New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission has sent the investigation to Chilean authorities.

During the event, several passengers, including Mr. Jokat, have recounted moments of pure dread and turmoil, with many running for their lives. Authorities and airline representatives are dedicated to conducting a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the reason behind the unexpected and concerning mid-air incident, notwithstanding the trauma.

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