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Openings on Presidents Day

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As the country recognizes the contributions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln today on Presidents Day, many people are curious about what establishments and services are open and closed on this federal holiday.

Presidents Day, which is observed annually on the third Monday in February, has grown to be associated with retail deals and closures in addition to being a time for introspection on the country’s leaders.

The following is a summary of Presidents Day’s open and closed hours:

  • Retail establishments: Following the spirit of commercial heritage, the majority of retail establishments are open for business and provide alluring discounts on a range of products, including home goods and beds. Among the companies luring customers in-person and online are retail behemoths like Amazon and Nike.
  • Costco: Normally closed on significant holidays, Costco is making an exception this year. On Presidents Day, the warehouse retailer is still open and invites members to come shop for their bulk requirements.
  • U.S. Postal Service: Due to today’s federal holiday, the U.S. Postal Service will not be delivering mail and its retail stores will not be open for business.
  • Stock Market: In honor of Presidents Day, the U.S. stock market is closed. Nonetheless, investors can continue to keep an eye on activity in other open global markets, like those in China and Europe.
  • Banks: The majority of the country’s largest banks will be closing their retail locations today since Presidents Day is also observed as a federal holiday in the banking sector. For the convenience of customers, ATMs and internet banking services will still be accessible.

Whether celebrating the nation’s leaders or taking advantage of retail deals, Americans have plenty of opportunities to shop, think, and observe on the Presidents Day holiday. Keep checking back for more information on this commercial and commemorative day.

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