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New Border Rules for British People Arranging Spanish Holidays

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One new challenge for British travellers planning summer vacations to Spain is known as the ‘£97 rule.’ Border controls imposed after Brexit now require extra paperwork and evidence of financial stability in order to enter Spain.

An admonition has been sent by the UK Foreign Office, especially to individuals who are considering Majorca and other Spanish destinations. Travel to countries in the European Schengen zone will be impacted by these strict regulations, which are a result of Britain finishing the Brexit transition.

One of the most important requirements is evidence that British nationals can afford daily expenses in Spain, which must total at least £97 per person. For example, a family of four going on a weeklong vacation needs to show that they have £2,716 in savings.

If tourists don’t meet these requirements, Spanish officials may stop them at airports and ask to see proof of sufficient finances. Travelers also need to present documentation of their reservation for lodging and a valid return or onward ticket.

The official recommendation from the Foreign Office emphasizes that visitors entering the Schengen area must have further paperwork. In addition to financial documentation, passengers might be requested to provide proof of lodging, such as hotel reservations or proof of address if they are staying with friends or family.

The Foreign Office even suggests that one alternative be to request a carta de invitation from the hosts. There will be a spike in flights from the UK to Spain this year, with 17.3 million British tourists projected to visit Spain in 2022. Before leaving on their Spanish vacation, visitors are advised to be aware of the new entrance criteria and to make plans accordingly.

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