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MSI Receives Criticism on Reddit Regarding Debateable Monitor Firmware Selection

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With its high-end options, MSI has been making waves in the gaming monitor market. Nonetheless, a new Reddit disclosure has incited dissent within its user base. Many consumers seem to be unhappy with MSI’s decision to make a controversial change to the firmware for a large number of its QD-OLED display range.

Though it is a relatively new player in the gaming monitor industry, MSI has made a name for itself with monitors that combine desirable screen sizes with bright QD-OLED panels. The MSI MPG and MSI MAG series are the two that make up the company’s lineup. The MPG series includes two flat displays (27- and 32-inch) in addition to a curved 49-inch monitor, while the MAG series has 27-, 32-, and 34-inch curved QD-OLED panels. These displays come with a variety of resolutions, from normal 2K to 4K or 5,120 x 1,440, with refresh rates ranging from 360Hz to 144Hz.

A Reddit post revealed a significant restriction, though, in the middle of the enthusiasm around these models: MSI has chosen not to permit firmware upgrades for the majority of its MAG display variants. Customers who appreciate being able to acquire firmware upgrades for their devices were upset by the discovery.

An MSI staff member started the Reddit conversation, which VideoCardz first posted, with the goal of introducing the displays to the OLED_Gaming group. The post was notable for emphasizing a part that described USB-B firmware upgrades as a “MPG-Exclusive Feature.”

It was discovered via several customers’ questions that two of the six MAG series monitors would never get firmware upgrades. Only one MAG model—the MAG 341CQP—would receive upgrades, although all three MPG models would be eligible for them. Customers who purchased the MAG271QPX and MAG321UPX, which are priced at $750 and $900, respectively, are very upset with this move. The lack of firmware upgrades for QD-OLED panels may discourage potential customers despite their appealing costs.

The impact of this choice may be lessened by MSI’s reasonable price when compared to competitors, but it is imperative that the corporation takes consumer criticism carefully. Although the excellent Alienware 32 QD-OLED monitor is $1,200, MSI’s MPG monitors are only $50 more expensive than its MAG equivalents. Whether or not customers would choose the availability of firmware updates over a price difference is still to be seen.

It is hoped that MSI would reevaluate their choice and provide firmware upgrades throughout its whole monitor portfolio in the future in reaction to the negative feedback. This episode should serve as a reminder of how important it is to pay attention to what customers have to say and respond to their issues in a timely and efficient manner.

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