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MicroStrategy Continues Its $821.7 Million Bitcoin Buying Spree

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The commercial software behemoth MicroStrategy Inc. has made news in the cryptocurrency space once more with its newest purchase of 12,000 Bitcoin for an astounding $821.7 million. This noteworthy buy represents the company’s second-largest investment since it started acquiring Bitcoin over four years ago.

With the recent surge in Bitcoin, MicroStrategy now possesses almost 205,000 tokens total worth of about $14 billion. In a document submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, it is stated that these tokens were acquired between February 26 to March 10. Interestingly, the money used for this acquisition mostly came from the money made on March 8 from the sale of $800 million in convertible notes in a private offering.

MicroStrategy’s chairman and co-founder, Michael Saylor, started the company’s 2020 Bitcoin venture as a countermeasure against inflation and as a substitute for keeping conventional currency reserves. MicroStrategy has committed more over $1 billion on Bitcoin acquisitions in just the first quarter of 2024, exceeding the whole amount of money it spent on purchases that year. The cryptocurrency has increased by almost 675% after Saylor made his first investments in it, demonstrating the effectiveness of MicroStrategy’s risky change in investing approach.

The use of Bitcoin has strengthened MicroStrategy’s balance sheet and led to an amazing rise in the company’s share price. MicroStrategy has had an incredible rise in market capitalization of more than 1,000% since Saylor’s shift to Bitcoin, and is currently valued at over $25.7 billion, more than its previous record from March 2000. Recall that in December 2000, MicroStrategy was under regulatory investigation due to claims of accounting fraud; but, since then, under Saylor’s direction, the company has continued to pursue its strategic goals.

According to the report, the average price paid for the company’s entire holding of Bitcoin, which is $33,706 per token, was substantially lower than the $68,477 average price paid for the most recent transaction. On Monday, the price of bitcoin itself hit a record high of more than $72,000, confirming MicroStrategy’s investment thesis.

MicroStrategy shares saw a significant increase after this news, climbing 6.6% to $1,513.46 as of 9:33 a.m. in New York trade. Investor trust in MicroStrategy’s strategic orientation and its dedication to Bitcoin as a crucial element of its long-term investment plan are shown by this optimistic reaction.

With its most recent multi-million dollar Bitcoin acquisition, MicroStrategy has solidified its standing as a significant participant in the cryptocurrency space. The firm is pushing the boundaries of digital asset usage in the corporate world with its daring investment decisions and steadfast dedication to Bitcoin.

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