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Man Charged Following Discovery of “Suspicious Items” in Glasgow During Police Raid

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Following the finding of “suspicious items” during a prearranged police raid at a residence on Broomhill Drive in Glasgow’s West End, a 50-year-old man was taken into custody and charged. Residents had to leave their homes as a result of the event, and the Royal Navy bomb squad was dispatched to the area along with the installation of a cordon.

Police have confirmed the man’s detention and the charges that followed. He is scheduled to appear in Glasgow Sheriff Court on Friday, February 16. Although Broomhill Drive has reopened, some residences are still evacuated for safety reasons.

Residents that had to flee were supported by Glasgow City Council, which also set up a rest area at Partick Burgh Hall. Partick is establishing a second emergency center to assist individuals who are still unable to go back home.

A representative for the council reported that 26 inhabitants made use of the rest center; three of them were given emergency lodging, while the others made other plans. In collaboration with Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, assistance will be extended to affected residents via the Partick Social Work office. We continue to closely follow this issue for any new developments.

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