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Lovely moment: commuters who fell in love got married in a unique place

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Leah and Vince Smith, who first met on a train, had a very special wedding ceremony on board a Great Western Railway (GWR) train today, and it was a touching story. The pair chose to exchange vows on a unique train ride from London Paddington station to Swansea. Throughout their relationship, they had commuted together and experienced precious moments on trains.

The entire wedding was held on a train, and it featured customary rituals, family portraits, and a lavish three-course dinner with moving speeches. Even though it was difficult to perform a wedding ceremony on a moving locomotive, the couple cheerfully and humorously accepted the event.

In 2016, while traveling from Wokingham to Reading on a GWR train, Leah and Vince first fell in love. After that, their romance took off and trains played a crucial role in their relationship. Trains have always had a special place in their hearts, from their first date to their first kiss.

The couple thanked GWR for making their dream wedding possible, pointing out that the train operator had gone above and beyond to make the day seamless and unforgettable.

The wedding guests departed in Cardiff after the ceremony, and Leah and Vince drove on to Swansea, where GWR had made accommodations for them.

Leah and Vince consider how trains have influenced their romance as they set off on their new journey as husband and wife, looking forward to making new memories both on and off the tracks.

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