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Justice Alito of the Supreme Court Continues to Hold Back on Texas Immigration Law SB4

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Justice Samuel Alito of the Supreme Court prolonged the moratorium on the application of Texas’ contentious immigration law, SB4, today, marking a noteworthy milestone.

With the issuance of this extension on Tuesday, migrants suspected of making unauthorized border crossings cannot be arrested or detained by Texas authorities.

The Texas legislature passed SB4, which gives state law enforcement the power to detain, imprison, and prosecute foreign nationals who enter or re-enter the country without using authorized ports of entry. Additionally, it gives judges the authority to order migrants to return to Mexico rather than be prosecuted.

SB4 is fiercely opposed by the Biden administration, which claims it jeopardizes federal immigration policy, violates asylum laws, and sourges diplomatic ties with Mexico.

Judge David Ezra of the U.S. District Court had already blocked Texas from implementing SB4, finding inconsistencies with both federal law and the Constitution.

But at Texas’ request, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit temporarily set aside Ezra’s decision. Due to Justice Alito’s suspension extension, SB4 enforcement is still blocked until March 18 while more legal actions are taken.

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