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Jos Verstappen’s Nonattendance at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Amid Unrest at Red Bull

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A big escalation in the continuing crisis surrounding Red Bull Racing will occur this week when Jos Verstappen, the father of current Formula One driver Max Verstappen, is noticeably absent from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The decision was made during a furious argument between Verstappen and Christian Horner, the Red Bull team principal. The situation was made worse by the release of a new film that revealed internal team strife.

According to rumors going around in Germany and the Netherlands, Jos Verstappen has a “escape” provision related to what happens to Red Bull’s powerful motorsport advisor Helmut Marko, even if his son has a contract with the company that runs until 2028. Marko is particularly important to the Verstappen family because he was a key player in Max Verstappen’s early career. As a result, suspicions that Max would leave Red Bull have gathered momentum, particularly in light of reports that Horner and Marko are engaged in a power struggle.

Max Verstappen reaffirmed his commitment to Marko last year, highlighting the importance of loyalty and respect. But recent occurrences have raised questions about Red Bull Racing’s stability. Jos Verstappen reportedly had an interaction with Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff during the Bahrain Grand Prix, which stoked rumors that he may switch to Mercedes if things at Red Bull worsened.

Over the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, emotions escalated to a breaking point that resulted in a public altercation between Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner. Verstappen Sr. has publicly chastised Horner, calling for his resignation and threatening severe repercussions should the current situation continue. Despite being approved by Red Bull’s parent business, Horner is under increasing pressure due to claims and leaks about his behavior.

Rival teams have called for openness in response to the alleged publication of screenshots of WhatsApp messages involving Horner. Jos Verstappen’s withdrawal from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix highlights the seriousness of the situation amid this unrest and might have an impact on Max Verstappen’s career in Formula One.

To diffuse the growing hostilities, Horner convened a meeting with Max Verstappen’s agent in Dubai with the goal of addressing the division on the squad. But the fact that neither Jos nor Max Verstappen was there indicated how complicated the issue was.

All eyes are on the team’s performance on the track and the settlement of internal problems while the drama within Red Bull Racing plays out. The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is clouded by Jos Verstappen’s absence, and this might have a significant impact on the future of one of the most well-known teams in Formula One.

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