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James Cleverly: “UK Firms Must Move Away from Dependency on Cheap Foreign Labor”

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The Home Secretary, James Cleverly, has stated that with the implementation of new restrictions regarding the salary levels for skilled workers, British companies can no longer depend on cheap labor from outside.

Cleverly stressed that recruiting and investing in British workers must be an employer’s top priority in an effort to reduce the nation’s high levels of net migration. The income level of £38,700 will take effect immediately, allowing competent foreign workers to work in the UK instead of £26,200.

This action is a component of a larger plan to cut net migration by 300,000 after it peaked at 745,000 in 2022. The shortage occupation list, which permitted hiring foreign labor at a rate eighty percent less than the going wage, has also been eliminated.

Importantly, there are limitations on the number of dependents that care providers and international students may bring into the UK, with the exception of postgraduates working on significant research projects.

Effectively stated,
“Our ambition for a more productive economy, supported by highly skilled and well-paid workers, cannot rely on immigration.” He presented a thorough strategy intended to significantly lower immigration to the UK and create a more equitable immigration system.

The lack of occupations has been replaced by the new immigration salary list, which was created in collaboration with the independent migration advisory council. Positions on this list will only be added if they are both in high demand and highly skilled, and if adding them makes sense in light of initiatives to develop the local labor force.

Most importantly, being on the list cannot result in lower pay or make it more difficult to hire British laborers. It is advised that employers give hiring, training, and upskilling domestic workers first priority.

shrewdly ended by reiterating his and the prime minister’s resolve to make the required adjustments to guarantee immigration is sustainable and in line with the interests of the British people.

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