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It Will Be Hard for Red Bull to Stop Jos Verstappen’s “Explosion” Prediction

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There’s no indication that the dramatic fallout involving Christian Horner and the inquiry into his behavior has subsided, despite the tremors of anxiety that have shook the Red Bull Racing camp. With the recent departure of star designer Adrian Newey, Max Verstappen’s father, Jos, has added validity to his menacing prediction of a team on the verge of collapse.

A potential turning point for Red Bull might be indicated by the announcement of Newey’s upcoming departure. Newey was the architect behind the team’s dominating vehicles in recent years. His departure, which is expected to occur early in the upcoming year, not only creates a big vacuum in Red Bull’s technical capabilities but also gives him the opportunity to join other teams, most likely Ferrari.

After 35 years of a spectacular Formula One career, Newey must decide whether to carry on his legacy elsewhere or to retire with an impressive list of achievements. Ferrari emerges as the front-runner for his services, enticing him with the chance to work alongside Lewis Hamilton and help shape the Scuderia’s future.

Given Red Bull’s present domination on the track, the immediate effects of Newey’s departure may appear bearable for them and their lucky driver, Max Verstappen. Verstappen seems unflinching in his quest for a fourth consecutive drivers’ championship, supported by the RB17’s improved performance. But uncertainty brought forth by new laws in 2026 makes Newey’s absence all the more significant.

While there is a technical rearrangement, the team’s internal strife continues unchecked. Red Bull’s stability is still threatened by the power conflict between team leader Horner and majority owner Chalerm Yoovidhya against Red Bull GmbH and adviser Helmut Marko. The Verstappens are squarely in line with Marko, which exacerbates the team’s internal conflict.

The division inside Red Bull is further deepened by Jos Verstappen’s harsh criticism of Horner, which presents an image of a company battling internal strife while vying for on-track supremacy. The ongoing controversy around Horner heightens the already intense strain, raising the possibility that the group may break apart inside.

There is a lot of conjecture about Max Verstappen’s future at Red Bull among the chaos. Despite his contractual commitments keeping him with the club until 2028, rumors of a possible transfer to Mercedes begin to circulate among the confusion. Verstappen may be persuaded by the promise of a substantial pay boost and the chance to work with the Silver Arrows, which would represent a dramatic change in the F1 environment.

Ironically, Red Bull’s supremacy on the circuit is uncontested despite the controversy off the track. Anticipations for another outstanding performance are still high as they prepare for the Miami Grand Prix. But under the success’s surface is a squad that is on the verge of collapse due to internal conflict.

With a difficult road ahead of them to calm the tempest boiling within, Red Bull faces an extended war in the high-stakes world of Formula One. It remains to be seen if they can make it through the choppy waters ahead or give in to the collapse predictions. In all of this ambiguity, the one thing that is certain is that Red Bull Racing’s future is in jeopardy.

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