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Introducing the 2024 Fantasy Baseball Sleeper Pitchers: Unveiling Drafting Gems for the Latter Half

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As anticipation mounts for the upcoming fantasy baseball season, the pursuit of sleeper selections intensifies among enthusiasts. While attention often gravitates towards sleeper hitters, it’s crucial not to overlook the underrated pitchers who could significantly enhance fantasy rosters in the later stages of drafts. From players on the rebound to emerging talents, here’s a breakdown of the sleeper pitchers to target for your fantasy lineup in 2024.

1. Bailey Ober (SP, Minnesota Twins)

Despite maintaining a modest Yahoo ADP of 166.1, Ober has quietly showcased his skills across crucial pitching metrics. Boasting an impressive WHIP of 1.11 and a career strikeout rate of 24.8%, Ober possesses the tools to consistently deliver on the mound. His steady ERA of 3.63 underscores his reliability, making him a dependable choice for fantasy managers seeking stability in their pitching rotation.

2. Triston McKenzie (SP, Cleveland Guardians)

Following a challenging 2023 season marked by injuries, McKenzie appears primed for a comeback. With a promising blend of talent and potential, McKenzie’s 2022 statistics are compelling – highlighted by a stellar 2.96 ERA, accompanied by a remarkable 0.95 WHIP and 190 strikeouts. As he regains form during spring training, fantasy managers can capitalize on his current Yahoo ADP of 223.2, banking on his ability to recapture past success on the mound.

3. John Means (SP, Baltimore Orioles)

Means’ knack for inducing easy outs via fly balls renders him a valuable asset for fantasy teams. With a career WHIP of 1.06 and promising prospects for improvement, Means presents an appealing option, particularly with his anticipated return from injury early in the season. As a late-round pick, fantasy managers can secure a dependable starter with the potential for upside, as Means looks to capitalize on favorable pitching conditions.

4. Cristopher Sánchez (SP, Philadelphia Phillies)

Sánchez surpassed expectations with an impressive showing in 2023, boasting a commendable 3.44 ERA and stellar 1.05 WHIP. His ability to maintain a solid strikeout rate while minimizing walks underscores his potential for sustained success. Keep a close watch on Sánchez as he incorporates a new cutter into his repertoire, potentially elevating his performance and offering fantasy managers a valuable steal in the later rounds.

5. Zack Littell (SP/RP, Tampa Bay Rays)

Despite flying under the radar, Littell emerged as a reliable option for the Rays, demonstrating effectiveness with a commendable 3.41 ERA across 14 starts last season. With the backing of manager Kevin Cash and a clear path to regular starts, Littell presents an intriguing choice for fantasy managers seeking stability in their pitching rotation. Don’t underestimate his potential to deliver valuable ratios and contribute to fantasy success.

6. Griffin Canning (SP, Los Angeles Angels)

Canning’s return from injury saw him gradually regain form, culminating in promising results towards the end of the 2023 season. With a revitalized performance boasting a 3.78 ERA, a 1.16 WHIP, and an impressive strikeout rate, Canning offers significant value as a late-round selection. Fantasy managers can capitalize on his potential for ongoing improvement and secure a reliable starter capable of delivering consistent outings.

7. Tanner Scott (RP, Miami Marlins)

As speculation mounts regarding Scott assuming the closer’s role for the Marlins, his impressive 2023 statistics warrant attention. Boasting an elite ERA of 2.31, a stellar WHIP of 0.99, and an impressive strikeout tally, Scott possesses the attributes of a dominant closer. Whether he maintains his stellar form or encounters regression, fantasy managers can benefit from his upside and secure a valuable asset for their bullpen.

The realm of fantasy baseball presents ample opportunities to uncover hidden gems among pitchers. From established players poised for a resurgence to emerging talents ready to make their mark, the latter stages of drafts offer numerous chances to fortify your roster with sleeper pitchers primed for success in the 2024 season. Keep these names in mind as you embark on your fantasy baseball journey, and may your draft selections pave the way to championship glory.

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