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Insta360 Tracks You with Its Flow Pro Smartphone Gimbal Using Apple’s DockKit

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The industry’s first smartphone gimbal, the Flow Pro from Insta360, is a ground-breaking gadget that supports Apple DockKit. Similar to the well-known DJI Osmo Pocket 3 gimbal, this capability enables the gimbal to track you automatically while you present, perform, or engage in various activities.

A Cameraman Robot

The Flow Pro may be made into a robotic cameraman with DockKit support. To utilize it, just align the gimbal with your iPhone and position it on the handle’s included tripod. You can now take pictures by attaching your iPhone to the magnetic phone clamp or the magnetic phone mount that works with MagSafe. You can move freely while keeping in focus and frame with the Flow Pro since it tracks and focuses on you or your subject using the front or back camera on your iPhone together with the built-in camera app. It also functions flawlessly with more than 200 third-party iOS apps, such as Zoom, FaceTime, and TikTok.

Enhanced Monitoring Functionalities

The Flow Pro now includes AI-powered topic tracking capabilities thanks to Insta360. These include of slo-mo tracking, human re-identification, and tracking recovery. The gimbal can now rotate 360 degrees horizontally while tracking subjects thanks to the new Deep Track 3.0 capability, which now adds 360-degree endless pan tracking. It is adaptable for pet owners and animal lovers as it also allows animal tracking. A fast visual indication that the gimbal is tracking the subject accurately is given via an LED tracking ring.

Greater Versatility and Stabilization

Three-axis mechanical shaking reduction is provided by the Flow Pro, which is more advanced than most smartphones’ electronic stabilization. This guarantees steady and fluid video even with intense motions. In addition, the gimbal has a built-in cold shoe for attaching attachments like a microphone, a selfie stick extension that extends up to 215mm (8.5 inches), and a 2,900mAh power bank for on-the-go iPhone charging. A 10-hour battery life, “one-step rapid deploy” for speedy setup, a SmartWheel for convenient access to shooting controls, and four gimbal modes—auto, follow, pan follow, and FPV—are among the other features.

Accessory availability

For $149, select merchants in the US and throughout the world are now selling the Insta360 Flow Pro. A grip cover, a protective pouch, a charging cable, and a magnetic phone clip are all included in the box. Separate purchases are made for extra accessories including a magnetic phone mount, a flashlight, and decorative inlays.

Final Thoughts

With its creative application of Apple’s DockKit technology, the Insta360 Flow Pro smartphone gimbal distinguishes out in the industry and provides unrivaled tracking and stabilizing features. The Flow Pro looks to be a handy and potent tool for anyone trying to improve their mobile recording experience, be they a professional videographer, content creator, or enthusiast.

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