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Inmates in New York Win Lawsuit, Are Permitted to See Solar Eclipse

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A group of prisoners in an upstate New York correctional facility have won a crucial legal battle by being allowed to view the impending total solar eclipse. This decision was made in response to a lawsuit that the prisoners filed against the New York Department of Corrections over its original intention to close prisons during the lunar eclipse.

Six prisoners from a range of religious views filed the case, claiming that the lockdown had infringed their right to exercise their religions by prohibiting them from taking part in an event that was religiously significant.

Plaintiffs include people who identify as Baptist, Muslim, Seventh-Day Adventist, Santerist, and even an atheist.

Following discussions, the authorities and the prisoners came to an agreement that allowed the prisoners to see the unusual astronomical occurrence. The conclusion was verified by Thomas Mailey, a representative for the New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, who said that “the lawsuit came to an appropriate resolution.”

The significance of defending prisoners’ rights, particularly their freedom to practice their faith even while incarcerated, is highlighted by this ruling.

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