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Increased Wireless Charging Speeds with Non-MagSafe Chargers for Apple’s iPhone 12

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Apple recently revealed a big improvement for iPhone 12 owners in a surprise update. The iPhone 12 may now be charged wirelessly at 15W using non-MagSafe chargers, matching the capabilities of chargers authorized by Apple, according to the most recent update of iOS 17.4. This development is a significant change from the prior restriction that limited full charging power to MagSafe chargers bearing the Apple logo.

The iPhone 12 marked the beginning of the trip towards this milestone by introducing a doubling of wireless charging capability to 15 watts. But there was a catch to this innovation: only MagSafe chargers could fully utilize this function. According to MacWorld, third-party Qi2 chargers may now utilise the maximum rated 15 watts of power due to the incorporation of Qi2 charging functionality in iOS 17.4.

Support for Qi2 15W wireless charging was first implemented by Apple in iOS 17.2 for the iPhone 13 and later devices. Notably, Apple’s dedication to improving charging technology was demonstrated by the iPhone 15, which adopted this standard from the beginning. Utilizing Apple’s MagSafe technology, Qi2 marks a noteworthy advancement in wireless charging capabilities, and Apple is actively involved in the process as the head of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) board of directors and a “steering member”.

With the iPhone 12, Qi2 charging compatibility was introduced, breaking free from the restrictions of the old Qi standard, which restricted output at 7.5 watts. Users of iPhone 12 may now enjoy faster charging times with third-party Qi2 devices, matching the efficiency of certified MagSafe chargers, because of MagSafe’s built-in compatibility with Qi2.

Although Apple hasn’t released an official comment about this change, testing by Macworld verify that the iPhone 12 can be charged at the same rate with Qi2 devices and MagSafe chargers. Corroborating the newly discovered compatibility, well-known charger maker Belkin has confirmed that their Qi2 chargers are completely approved to provide up to 15 watts of rapid wireless charging to Qi2-enabled devices.

Many are pleased to see Apple accept Qi2 with its iPhone series, especially in light of the company’s propensity for proprietary solutions. Regulatory demands, especially from the European Union, which has been pushing for standardized charging systems to reduce electronic waste, are said to have had an impact on this decision. Notably, the EU’s emphasis on switching to USB-C charging is evidence of how crucial environmental sustainability and interoperability are to the IT sector.

Apple’s move to allow 15W wireless charging for iPhone 12 users using non-MagSafe chargers is a big step in the right direction for improving user experience and ecosystem connectivity. Such developments highlight the significance of creativity, teamwork, and sustainability in advancing the mobile sector as technology continues to grow.

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