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In “non-steph minutes,” the Golden State Warriors falter once more against the Timberwolves.

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The Minnesota Timberwolves presented the Golden State Warriors with yet another obstacle, emphasizing the continuous difficulty in managing the “non-Steph minutes.” The Warriors recently lost 114-110, a game that highlighted the team’s reliance on Stephen Curry and sparked doubts about their ability to function without the top player.

Curry was noticeably absent for the most of the game, especially at the pivotal moments when the Timberwolves took the lead. In the first moments of the fourth quarter, Minnesota took advantage of Curry’s rest to quickly cut the Warriors’ lead in half. Even with the efforts of other important players like Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Jonathan Kuminga, the Warriors were unable to sustain their momentum when Curry was out.

Curry’s minutes have been restricted by coach Steve Kerr in an intentional attempt to maintain the player’s stamina over the long term. Nevertheless, it also highlights the team’s weakness when Curry is off the court. Given the demanding schedule and the necessity to protect Curry’s career in the NBA, Kerr’s decision to control Curry’s workload makes sense.

With Chris Paul on the roster, the club hopes to lessen their reliance on Curry by having more offensive options and adaptability. Even yet, the Warriors still struggle to keep their advantage over opponents when Curry takes a break. The difference from prior seasons, which were marked by a strong roster with plenty of scoring alternatives, highlights the team’s development and the modifications needed to respond to shifting circumstances.

Curry’s devotion to the team’s success is evident in his annoyance at not being used sooner in pivotal situations. Kerr’s careful strategy, meanwhile, highlights the fine line that needs to be drawn between maximizing Curry’s influence and guaranteeing his durability throughout the season.

In the future, the Warriors need to overcome their need on Curry and figure out how to be successful in the “non-Steph minutes.” They have a chance to hone their tactics and lessen the effects of Curry’s rest intervals with 12 games left in the season, which include games against weaker opponents.

In the end, the Warriors’ postseason success will depend on how well they handle these obstacles. While they work toward their objectives, they have to figure out how to continue to be competitive without Curry. They won’t be able to reach their full potential and compete with the best teams in the NBA until then.

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