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In Nigeria, Prince Harry Shares His ‘Grief and Sadness’ With Calm Meghan Markle

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During an emotional conversation on mental health at a school in Abuja, Nigeria, on Friday, May 10, Prince Harry shared genuine insights about his “grief and sadness” next to a quiet Meghan Markle. This open discussion comes after the heir apparent cancelled a scheduled meeting with his father, King Charles III, on Wednesday, May 8, in London, citing previous obligations.

At the government’s request, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are presently in Nigeria holding crucial discussions around mental health. Speaking to a group of students, Prince Harry stressed the significance of raising awareness of mental health issues on a worldwide scale and stressed that, despite progress, stigma around the subject is still very much present.

“In some corners of the world, mental health is still shrouded in stigma,” he said. “Most people decide to keep quiet about their mental health issues since they are hidden within our heads. However, it’s critical to acknowledge that everyone struggles with mental health, regardless of age or background. Therefore, developing a supportive and understanding community depends heavily on self-care.”

Thinking back on his own experience, Prince Harry courageously talked about his pain when his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, passed away in 1997. Insuring the pupils, “Acknowledging a bad day is not a sign of weakness,” “Whether it’s sorrow, stress, or any emotion, it’s a natural human response influenced by our life experiences.”

The Duke’s trip to Nigeria coincides with rumors that he has a tense relationship with the royal family, as indicated by his alleged inability to reply to invitations sent out for the Invictus Games’ tenth anniversary. Even though Prince Harry’s father’s health was revealed earlier this year, there may still be unresolved issues in the family as seen by his lone appearance at the occasion.

Many people find resonance in this open depiction of Prince Harry’s emotional journey, which highlights how common mental health issues are. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s message of compassion and understanding is spreading around the world as they pursue their advocacy work, inspiring others to take stock of and take care of their own mental health.

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