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In 2024, Walmart will expand its One-of-a-Kind Associate GenAI tool to eleven countries.

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Walmart, a global leader in retail, is transforming the way its workforce works by expanding the use of its ground-breaking associate tool, which is powered by artificial intelligence, to 11 more nations. The My Assistant application is expected to revolutionize efficiency and improve Walmart workers’ everyday work environments worldwide.

Walmart’s chief people officer, Donna Morris, emphasized the company’s dedication to equipping its employees with state-of-the-art technology to augment their skills. She underscored Walmart’s faith in the potential of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) as a tool for associate empowerment and reaching their greatest potential.

My Assistant offers associates intuitive support in a variety of areas, including document writing, information summarization, and innovation sparking, allowing associates to streamline chores, expedite workflows, and unleash their creativity. Associates can refocus their attention on more significant, human-centered activities, including as ideation, strategy formulation, and connection building, by freeing up time from tedious duties.

My Assistant’s international rollout, which includes Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Canada, and Chile, demonstrates Walmart’s dedication to providing its employees throughout the world with a flawless, consumer-grade experience. Moreover, Walmart’s intentions to launch the tool in South Africa and India show the company’s commitment to promoting innovation and increasing efficiency worldwide.

My Assistant will be available to associates in the recently added nations in their local tongues, guaranteeing a quick and effective experience catered to their individual requirements. My Assistant’s user base is anticipated to grow by 50% as a result of the addition of these nations; this year alone, 25,000 associates will have access to the tool.

Walmart’s digital initiatives are driven by its culture of listening to its colleagues; feedback is continuously incorporated and My Assistant’s functionality is improved based on actual usage. Walmart is committed to the idea that people and technology working together will drive retail in the future, and that associates will play a critical role in the company’s success as it innovates and changes.

Donna Morris reaffirmed Walmart’s dedication to its mission of enabling people to live better and save money. She emphasized that associates, enabled by technology, had immense potential to shape the retail industry going forward. The opportunities for innovation and expansion are endless as Walmart stays at the forefront of utilizing technology to empower its employees.

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