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How to Watch Apple’s June 10 Keynote at WWDC 2024

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The keynote address for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 10 at 1 PM ET. The conference is almost here. Live streaming of this much awaited event will be available on Apple’s YouTube channel and event webpage. As an alternative, you can watch our embedded stream right here.

Software will be the main focus, as it always been during WWDC events. It is anticipated that Apple will present a variety of new features for watchOS, macOS, and potentially even visionOS, the operating system that powers the Vision Pro headset, in addition to updates for iOS 18 and iPadOS 18.

What to Expect from iOS 18 and iPadOS 18

An important update for Apple’s mobile operating system is expected with iOS 18. Potential RCS integration for Messages is one of the most talked-about features. This protocol will increase texting compatibility with Android devices by providing enhanced media sharing and end-to-end encryption. Additionally, the Notes app may get a voice recording feature, and Apple Music may get an OpenAI-powered playlist-generation tool. Though details are still being kept under wraps, new capabilities are also anticipated for other native apps including Mail, Fitness, and Health.

Siri and AI: The New Era of

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in the tech world right now, and although Apple hasn’t spoken much about it, WWDC 2024 may alter that. Apple is developing its own AI chatbot, which is probably an improvement over Siri, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Even while this technology might not be ready for widespread use right now, by early 2025, Siri might have undergone major improvements. Additionally, it’s been rumored that Apple and OpenAI are working together to incorporate ChatGPT into iOS 18, which might provide users with cutting-edge AI features directly on their phones.

MacOS and watchOS: Onward With Evolution

Although there are little specifics available, upgrades are also anticipated for macOS. In the past, the main goals of macOS updates have been to increase efficiency and improve compatibility with other Apple products. Apple’s foray into the wellness market, however, is expected to continue with WatchOS, which will likely see new health and fitness capabilities.

Vision Pro and OS: What’s Up Next?

The Vision Pro was the company’s first significant new product category since the release of the Apple Watch last year. We don’t anticipate hearing about any new device categories this year, but we might learn about the Vision Pro’s improved features and global availability. The operating system that powers the Vision Pro, VisionOS, is probably going to receive some attention along with new features and improvements aimed at enhancing the user experience and increasing usefulness.

Announcements for Hardware: Few but Potential

Although hardware announcements are rare, WWDC is mostly a software event. Rumor has claimed that this year will bring a new Apple TV streaming box as well as a USB-C upgrade for the AirPods Max. Nevertheless, since iPads and MacBooks were just updated, major changes seem doubtful. Nevertheless, there’s a remote possibility that the recently launched M4 chip will find its way into the MacBook Pro. Updates for the Mac mini and Mac Studio are also overdue, although it’s unclear if they’ll be revealed at WWDC. Nonetheless, September is normally when new Apple Watch and iPhone models are shown.

Guide to Viewing the Keynote

It’s easy to see the keynote for WWDC 2024. Just go to Apple’s YouTube channel or event webpage at 1 PM ET on June 10. We will have the live stream embedded for your convenience if you would rather stay here.

Things to Search for:

During the keynote, pay attention to the following:
iOS 18 and iPadOS 18: Improved functionality, support for RCS, and integrated AI.
macOS and watchOS: Updates emphasizing fitness, health, and productivity.
visionOS and Vision Pro: Announcements of new features and worldwide availability.
AI advancements: Possible updates on ChatGPT integration and Apple’s AI projects.

Apple consistently mixes careful improvements with exciting new releases in their WWDC keynotes, all with the goal of maintaining a strong and user-friendly Apple environment. WWDC 2024 looks to be an event worth attending, whether you’re a developer keen to see the new tools available or a consumer ready to try out the newest features.

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