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How to Video Chat with Your iPhone Friends Using FaceTime on Android

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You may be wondering how to participate in FaceTime chats with friends or family who own iPhones if you use Android. You can’t start a FaceTime call from an Android smartphone, but you may join one when invited with ease. Here’s a detailed tutorial on utilizing your Android phone to FaceTime with friends who use iPhones.

Making a FaceTime Call with an Android Device

As an Android user, you must get a FaceTime invitation link from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac running iOS 15, iPadOS 15, or MacOS 12 Monterey, respectively, in order to take part in a FaceTime call. To join the call, just take these easy steps:

  1. Get the FaceTime connection: A FaceTime connection will be created by an iPhone user and shared with you immediately via your messaging app.
  2. Open the Link : Click or tap the FaceTime link that appeared in your correspondence. It may open in your browser immediately or ask you to copy and paste it into the URL bar, depending on your messaging app.
  3. Grant Permissions: Give your browser permission to use your microphone and camera during the FaceTime session.
  4. Click on Your Name: After entering your name, click “Continue.”
  5. Join the Call: To start a FaceTime call, select “Join”.

Taking part in the FaceTime conversation

The iPhone user who made the FaceTime link must approve your request to join using their FaceTime app once you join the call through the link. Once authorized, you will be allowed to participate in the call and utilize your microphone and camera.

Android Restrictions

Android users will only have restricted functionality while iPhone users may take advantage of full FaceTime capabilities, including Memoji stickers, filters, and in-app screenshots. You can capture manual screenshots on Android without alerting others, switch between camera angles, and toggle your microphone and camera.

Closing the Conversation

To end a FaceTime call, just hit the “Leave” button when you’re ready.

While FaceTime calls cannot be started by Android users, they may still join a call by simply following a few steps when invited using a FaceTime link. Android users may still take use of basic video chat services with their iPhone friends and family, even if FaceTime offers special features that are only available to iPhone users.

Although FaceTime is still the standout feature of iPhones, cross-platform video conversations may also be made via various third-party services. None, though, compare to FaceTime’s capabilities and flawless integration.

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