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Global Police Operation Dismantles Phishing Service for $249 Per Month

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Law enforcement organizations from 19 different nations worked together to take down LabHost, an internet platform that allowed hackers to spread phishing assaults all across the world. Under the direction of the UK’s Metropolitan Police, LabHost was the target of the operation. Since its founding in 2021, LabHost has made over $1 million by selling hackers phishing kits.

The Metropolitan Police declared the execution of more than 70 search warrants both domestically and internationally, along with the arrest of 37 individuals. Authorities claim that LabHost advertised 2,000 registered users who paid a $249 monthly subscription price. Over 1 million passwords for different online sites, 64,000 PINs, and 480,000 bank card details were among the vast amounts of sensitive information that the platform had accumulated.

Europol led the international effort, working in tandem with the FBI and the US Secret Service. Four people connected to LabHost, including its creator, have been taken into custody. Ten thousand users worldwide and about 40,000 phishing domains were found throughout the research.

Targets like financial organizations, postal services, and telecommunication companies could access LabHost’s bespoke illicit services, according to information provided by Europol. Of particular note was the platform’s inclusion of a campaign management tool named LabRat, which allowed malefactors to evade security measures like two-factor authentication by tracking and managing phishing campaigns in real time.

This cooperative takedown represents a serious setback to cybercrime activities and shows how determined the world is to defend critical infrastructure from online attacks.

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