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Following the downing of an advanced A-50 spy plane, Russia grounds aircraft: Kiev Reports

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The Russian government reportedly grounded many military aircraft in retaliation for downing a highly sought-after surveillance plane, the Beriev A-50, over the Sea of Azov close to Primorsko-Akhtarsk, according to the Ukrainian authorities. Russia uses the A-50, sometimes referred to as “Mainstay,” as a critical airborne early warning and control fighter to monitor Ukraine’s air defenses.

The A-50U, a modified variant of the aircraft, was shot down by the Ukrainian Air Force, claiming responsibility for the second incident of this year. Nonetheless, Russian military bloggers speculate that there may have been unintentional “friendly fire” during the event.

Russian government representatives have not responded to Newsweek’s queries, and the Russian Ministry of Defense has not responded either.

The loss of the A-50U has prompted the Russian military, according to Ukrainian intelligence, to return five more aircraft from their missions. This comprises three Su-34 supersonic bombers and two Su-35 fighter airplanes, which are slated to operate in the vicinity of N.P. Millerovo and Avdiivka.

It is difficult to verify these statements because both sides tend to overstate enemy casualties while downplaying their own. Since the conflict began in February 2022, Russia’s top supersonic bomber, the Su-34 plane, has lost over twenty-five of these aircraft. The Su-35s that were described are fighter aircraft that are used to accompany Su-34s on missions.

With both sides resorting to defensive and strategic operations in response to military advances, the situation highlights the rising tensions in the area.

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