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Five Compassionate Media Responses to Hunter Biden’s Conviction in the Gun Case

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Hunter Biden received a lot of support this week from well-known journalists and pundits after the first son was convicted guilty on all counts by a Delaware jury.

Hunter Biden was found guilty on all counts of making false statements in connection with the purchase of a firearm, lying about information that a licensed firearm dealer is required to keep, and possessing a firearm while abusing or dependent on a controlled substance. Special Counsel David Weiss brought these charges against Biden. For those counts, a sentencing date has not yet been scheduled.

The following five media outlets responded to Hunter Biden’s conviction with sympathy:

Stunningly tragic:

Although the verdict was not unexpected, MSNBC legal journalist Lisa Rubin noted that “there’s something unbelievably tragic about the entire trajectory of the case.”

“Hunter Biden has publicly battled addiction, and the discovery of the pistol was the catalyst for the emergence of these accusations. Rubin went on, “His then-girlfriend and sister-in-law Hallie Biden threw the gun eleven days after he bought it. “He immediately took steps for it to be retrieved, that ultimately led to the charges.”


The verdict, according to MSNBC legal commentator Katherine Christian, was “sad” because the case proceeded to trial following the collapse of the initial plea deal.

“Like many others in our society, he is a very depressing figure, and he will now be a convicted felon when he is punished. I humbly believe that he does not need to be imprisoned,” Christian stated.

“He ought to have the same diversionary course. Addicts are addicts forever. Though I assume he’s in recovery, it will be beneficial to him. The fact that he went to trial is the sad part. If there had been an acquittal, it would have been a miracle, said Christian. “The jurors would have nullified the case by expressing sympathy for him, which is against the law. But that’s what some juries do. It’s not an unjust decision. They abided by the law. But the decision is depressing.”

Families in America can identify:

Terry Moran, stated that the reality that addiction has affected many American families would lessen the trial’s political ramifications.

“It reminds us that for all of the major implications of the first conviction of the child of a president, this trial inside the courtroom, like virtually every criminal trial, was a personal story of personal tragedy, a family tragedy, and the guilty verdict that the jury has handed down on Hunter Biden were verdicts not just on his conduct under law, but on his collapse into drug addiction and the consequences of it,” Moran said on Tuesday. “So many American families understand that.”

“Now that the first family has experienced it as well,” Moran went on. The fact that this pandemic has affected so many American families—including the president’s—may lessen the political fallout from it.”

Trump lacked sufficient “sympathy.”:

It’s noteworthy, according to Kristen Holmes, that former President Trump wasn’t “sympathetic” to Hunter Biden. Trump, who abstains from both alcohol and tobacco, has talked about his older brother Fred’s drinking and how it led to his death at the age of 42.

“Donald Trump has not shown any remorse about Hunter Biden’s addiction problems. Holmes stated, “He himself comes from a family with drug problems and has been transparent about it.

“One of the things we‘ve talked about is how many Americans find this case to be sympathetic in some ways,” Holmes stated. “Donald Trump himself does not seem to be one of them.”

“The living embodiment of the rule of law” is President Biden:

Andrew Weissmann, co-host of the MSNBC podcast and legal analyst, stated that President Biden’s actions following his son Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict demonstrate the highest reverence for the law.

Weissmann addressed MSNBC anchor José Díaz-Balart, saying, “You have a President of the United States who is living embodiment of the rule of law.”

Weissmann stated that, in light of how former President Trump handled his own recent guilty conviction and the rule of law in general, he was more concerned in the case’s “particulars” than what it revealed about the convict’s father.

This is a charge for a gun. Former FBI general counsel Weissmann claimed, “The evidence was overwhelming.” “In my more than 21 years in the department, I have never witnessed the filing of a case of this nature. Typically, charges would be brought against someone who is a felon in possession of a firearm.”

“What it reveals about the rule of law in our nation in two areas piques my curiosity more: One was the expeditious trial of the president’s son. Weissmann went on, “He had due process and was found guilty. “Moreover, the defendant’s father, the current president, has made it quite evident that he will not be pardoning his son and that he has the authority to tell the Justice Department to close this case at any moment. That was not what he did.

Weissmann emphasized that the “big picture” of this decision is that President Biden is devoted to preserving the rule of law, as demonstrated by all of this.

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