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Exposing Apple’s Future: A Look at the Revealed Three-Year Roadmap

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The newest development has tech fans and Apple devotees equally abuzz: a rumored leak of Apple’s three-year strategy. Although leaks are nothing new for the tech giant with headquarters in Cupertino, this one offers intriguing hints about what Apple’s product portfolio may hold in store for the future. The leaked roadmap, which was posted on Twitter by user @Tech_Reve and is credited to Samsung Securities, shows how innovation and development are present throughout Apple’s product line.

We need to be cautious before we go into the highlights of this disclosure. Plans may have changed since the information was obtained, and the veracity of such leaks is frequently contested. Here are some things to anticipate from Apple in the upcoming years, assuming the leak is accurate.

Let’s move on to the future and ignore the specifics of 2023 and 2024, which contain improvements like OLED iPad models and periscope zoom for iPhone Pro and Pro Max models.

The highly anticipated iPhone SE4, which will ship in 2025, is said to include a triple 48MP camera configuration, a 6.1-inch OLED screen, and 12GB of DRAM. This version aims to satisfy a broad spectrum of customers by combining price and performance.

As we look ahead to 2026, two major changes come into focus. First, according to industry analysts’ conjectures, an OLED MacBook is expected to launch. Second, there have been increasing rumors about a foldable iPhone, and it is becoming more likely that Apple will follow suit and release a foldable smartphone.

Not content to stop there, Apple will also be entering the immersive realm of augmented reality in 2026 with the release of a “low-end” extended reality gadget. OLED technology will also be used on the panels of the iPad Air and Mini versions, improving overall visual experiences.

Nonetheless, 2027 has the most exciting possibilities. Apple devotees could expect the release of augmented reality glasses, which will provide a preview of a future in which digital overlays will mix in seamlessly with the physical environment, if the leak is credible. A 20-inch folding iPad is also rumored, which suggests Apple wants to completely reinvent portable computing.

Although doubt is justified, Apple’s dedication to expanding the capabilities of display technology is unshakeable. A move to microLED screens is rumored to be imminent, which raises the possibility of improved battery life and display quality.

While we wait for Apple to either confirm or deny, everyone’s attention is focused on the June Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This event may validate the authenticity of these leaks and provide insight into Apple’s future plans if historical trends hold true.

Even if there is a lot of anticipation and conjecture surrounding the leaked roadmap, it is important to view such material critically. Nevertheless, the future of Apple’s product range seems to be nothing short of revolutionary, assuming even a small portion of these speculations come to pass.

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