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Employees in Africa at Twitter Reach Settlement Following Year-Long Negotiations

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After nearly a year of rigorous discussions, the employees who were let off from Twitter’s only African headquarters have finally reached a settlement, marking a dramatic turn in events. After their sudden termination in November 2022, soon after Elon Musk acquired the firm, this accord is the end of a long struggle for justice.

The impacted people, who are headquartered in Accra, Ghana, started negotiating with the social media behemoth, which has now changed its name to X, after their attorneys demanded adherence to regional labor regulations on layoffs. Fair pay and repatriation expenditures for foreign personnel were ensured by the successful resolution of the discussions, which were spearheaded by the reputed Accra-based business Agency Seven Seven.

This resolve has been the result of a difficult and uncertain road. Following Musk’s takeover, the early excitement surrounding Twitter’s launch in Ghana—hailed by President Nana Akufo-Addo as the beginning of a promising relationship—took an abrupt turn. The ensuing job losses in Accra, which were a part of a larger reorganization plan, were a significant divergence from Twitter’s previous plans for regional growth.

The corporation saw a global wave of resignations and layoffs under Musk’s direction, drawing intense attention and condemnation. At first, Accra’s termination procedure was opaque, inadequately compensated, and sent mixed signals about severance benefits. Notwithstanding these obstacles, the impacted workers’ persistence and that of their legal counsel ultimately cleared the path for a win-win settlement.

Managing partner Carla Olympio of Agency Seven Seven recognized how difficult the discussions were and emphasized how resilient her clients were during the process. Olympio acknowledged her clients’ relief at closing this chapter of their lives and turning their attention to the future, even if the specifics of the settlement are still private.

The way this disagreement was resolved serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to stand up for one’s rights when faced with difficulties. In a moving LinkedIn post, one of the former workers of Twitter Ghana, Norvisi Sokpe Ndon, expressed this feeling and urged others to speak up for themselves despite whatever obstacles they may face.

The settlement struck by Twitter and its former employees in Africa is a win for justice and equity in the workplace. It emphasizes how important it is to protect workers’ rights and make businesses answerable for their deeds, even under the most trying situations. As these workers begin a new chapter in their lives, their narrative offers hope and inspiration to people everywhere by showing them that tenacity and unity can result in positive change.

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